We’re very please to have had a borehole installed at the farm. A borehole is basically a narrow well that pumps water out of the ground for irrigating our crops.

Until now we’ve relied on mains water which costs a lot when watering on our scale, especially as we’re in the driest part of the country. 

We were confident that the contractors would find water as the farm sits on sand and gravel on top of London clay which provides good conditions for a shallow borehole. They drilled 7 meters down to the London clay and lined the hole with a permeable pipe which allows the water to flow in as we pump it out.

We couldn’t be sure of what the supply would be like until the pump was installed but we were not disappointed. We have a consistent supply of 45 litres per minute. That’s 2.7 cubic metres per hour which is plenty for our needs.

We can now water twice as much as before which is helped by installing a wider pipe across the farm to insure that we don’t loose pressure along the way. Best of all the water is free! (once we have paid our loan off!)

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