What is a veg share?

A veg share is a bag of freshly harvested seasonal vegetables. Members pay a share of the costs of growing their food by monthly subscription. In return they receive a weekly or fortnightly share of the harvest or ‘veg share’.

Do I have to have a veg bag every week?

We provide members with a regular share of our produce. This could be weekly or fortnightly but we don’t sell veg bags adhoc.

What do you get in a veg share?

A veg share contains a selection of what we are harvesting at the farm that week. We grow a wide range of vegetables. There will often be potatoes, carrots, onions, salad leaves and green leafy veg. There is also likely to be courgettes, tomatoes, and beans in the summer; squash and sweetcorn in the Autumn; parsnips, leeks and brussels sprouts in the winter and cauliflower and purple sprouting broccoli in the spring.

Can I choose what goes in my bag?

We don’t offer choice in the bags as the essence of the scheme is providing members with a share of whatever is in season. We try to grow as broad a range of crops as we can to keep the veg share as varied as possible. We have a swap box system at the Wivenhoe and Colchester collection points so you can exchange items you’re less keen on. The box also contains extras from the farm which you are welcome to take.

If you have an allergy or dietary requirement however we will try and replace whatever you can’t eat with whatever we have surplus of that week.

Where is the produce grown?

The produce is all grown at Bennison Farm in Thorrington near Colchester, Essex. We don’t buy in out of season produce to supplement the veg share. In the event of multiple crop failures we would consult with members about buying in from a local producer.

Is the produce Organic?

Yes the farm and all it’s produce are certified Organic by the Soil Association.

Why do I have to pay even when I’m away?

The scheme relies on members paying their share of the costs of growing their food. It’s like paying a subscription to a club which entitles you to a share of the farm’s harvest. We encourage members to give their veg to someone else if they are away. Perhaps a house or pet sitter or a friend who is interested in joining the scheme.

If you are away a lot a fortnightly bag might work best for you and you can change your collection week if needs be. Some people choose to share their bag with friends or family so there is generally someone around to eat the produce.

How is the produce packaged?

Your veg share comes in a reusable hessian bag. Wherever possible we place produce loose in the bag. For fresh leaf items we do use a polythene bag as these would not keep well if packed loose or in paper. Where possible these bags are biodegradable. This does not mean that you can put them into your compost heap but they will fully biodegrade if they end up in the environment. They are made of plastic but will ultimately degrade into carbon dioxide, water biomass and minerals. We are always looking into alternatives.

Do you deliver to my door?

We don’t currently off door to door delivers. Instead we deliver to a local hub for you to collect.

Can I come to the farm and buy veg?

We don’t offer farm gate sales. If you are interested in our produce you need to subscribe for a veg share.

Can I visit the farm?

You are welcome to visit the farm by arrangement. Generally the best time is at one of our workdays or social events which are open to all.

Do I have to work on the farm?

No one is obliged to work on the farm however we do encourage members to help out if they can at regular workdays. This is especially useful for big tasks such as onion planting, carrot weeding and potato harvest.

Can I bring my children to the workdays?

Yes children are very welcome to join in with the workdays if supervised by an adult. Most tasks are suitable for children though occasionally fiddly tasks such as carrot weeding or heavy work such as manure spreading might not be suitable.

Can I bring my dog to the farm?

We don’t generally allow dogs at the farm.