Spudstock 2017

Following the success of our first ‘Spudstock’ last year we had to do it again. We always have a big work party to get the spuds in and generally tie this in with a bit of get-together down on the farm but when a member offered to put on a small music event for us we jumped at the chance of tying it in with the annual harvest.

The idea of helping with the harvest seems to appeal to people and as usual we had a good turnout including people who weren’t (yet) members of the scheme.

We have a rusty old ‘potato lifter’ which runs behind the equally rusty old tractor and does a great job of pulling the spuds out of the ridges and dropping them on ground. Keen volunteers follow behind collecting the crop in buckets and sorting the good from the less than good as they go. All ages get stuck in and once there’s a good team behind me it’s all I can do to pull them out of the ground as fast as people pick them up!

The harvest was big this year as we’d had enough rain at the right time to bulk up the crop. We harvested around 5 tonnes which is equivalent of almost 15 tonnes per acre. We’re pretty pleased with this as a typical Organic yield is 10 tonnes per acre of marketable yield. As a CSA scheme our ‘marketable yield’ is high as our members are less fussy about aesthetics than shops and wholesale markets so we waste less.

The party that followed was a lovely event. Food was provided, made farm produce – Spuds of course baked on the fire with delicious chilli and coleslaw made by various members . . . and cake. Tahir Burhan entertained us with some wonderful flamenco influenced music which got people up and dancing in spite coming from just one man and his guitar. There was also a performance from our very talented volunteer James Webber-Salmon and some reggae tunes from Alexis to round the night off. The fire burned brightly and warmed the chilly evening and a few of us even camped over.

Thanks so much all of those who helped make it happen. This coming together of people to bring in and celebrate the harvest feels like the epitome of Community Supported Agriculture and is part of what really makes the scheme for me. Well done everyone!

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