Hungry gap?

As we supply only our own produce a ‘hungry gap’ is inevitable. This really kicks in May once all the over winter crops have gone to flower and the spring planted crops are not quite there. We’re fairly good at bridging the gap but it it always feels like a challenge and every year I think of something else I could have grow for this time of year.

The notable difference is the weight of the veg share. Gone are the winter roots and hearted cabbages which give the veg shares some weight. If we’ve had a good year we may have the last of the potatoes and beetroot and occasionally when we’ve had plenty we’ve borrowed the use of a cold store to may them last a little longer. Late spring veg shares are light and leafy. Leaves come first before roots, shoots and fruits and this is reflected in the contents of your veg bag. In May we’re harvesting the likes of spinach, chard, pak choi, spring greens, lettuce and turnip greens.

As we head into June the weight of the veg share increases we start to see turnips, young carrots, broad beans and beetroot. The cabbages start to heart up and we’re on the look out for the first new potatoes. Nothing will be particularly early this year after a late start to the season but however much I worry about filling the veg bags, we always seem to find enough to put in.

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