The Bennison Farm Steering Group

In mid spring we emailed our members to ask if any would be interested in joining the Steering Group for the farm. The group meets regularly to discuss different ways to support the veg share scheme. We are very pleased to say that a number of members replied, and a new Steering Group was formed in April.

When the farm started in 2012 the Steering Group helped by promoting the veg share scheme and building the membership. But now the farm is established the group are looking at different ways to support the farm.

The group has met several times throughout spring. They have helped by contributing to the quarterly newsletter and by working on a members survey.

They have also been thinking about ideas for social events, and ways to make volunteering at the farm easier.

We’ll keep you updated about the Steering Group in our newsletters, and if anyone would be interested in joining, please contact us via email –

Many thanks to all the past members of the Steering Group. Everything you did was greatly appreciated! Thank you!

One thought on “The Bennison Farm Steering Group

  1. Great to see a new group up and running. I enjoyed your first newsletter and the links to recipes. Thank you

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