About Bennison Farm

We are a small Organic market garden in Thorrington near Colchester in north Essex. Our members pay a monthly subscription and receive a regular share of the vegetables we harvest. We only provide what can grow on the farm to people with in a 10 mile radius so the produce is 100% seasonal and local with very low food miles.

Our land is surrounded by trees and hedgerow and there is plenty of habitat for beneficial wildlife which help control pests and pollinate our plants. We rotate our crops each year to avoid build up of pests and disease and to ensure nutrients are taken equally from all parts of the farm. We use ‘green manures’ such as clover to build fertility for future crops.

We grow a full range of vegetables from broccoli, beans, and courgettes in the summer to parsnips, cabbages, and celeriac in the winter. We also have four polytunnels which we use for tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in the summer and leafy greens and salads in the winter.