Winter Salad

Mixed salad leaves are a mainstay of the winter veg shares at Bennison Farm. You may think of salads as a summer crop but many salad leaves are better suited to cool conditions as they run to seed very quickly in the hot weather and can suffer more pest damage such as flee beetle in the case of the brassica family.

The polytunnels provide them with protection from the elements and ensure high quality leaves. We sow at the end of the summer to plant in early October and harvest from November.

The salads will stay in the ground until they start to flower in early spring when they are taken out to make way for the first plants of the new season.

The types of leaves you can enjoy over the winter include Mizuna, Purple frills and Golden frills mustard, Tatsois, Lettuce, Endive, Bucks Horn Plantain and Winter Purslane.


Purslane Winter

Winter Purslane

Buckshorn Plantain

Bucks Horn Plantain

Purple Frills Mustard

Golden Frills Mustard

Tatsoi Information, Recipes and Facts



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