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Please read “How does the scheme work?”  before you complete this form.  Once we have received your details we will be in touch with more information about payment.

Veg Share Terms

A few basic terms about the commitment you make when taking out a Veg Share


Rather than purchasing a veg bag week by week, by taking out a Share you will be making a commitment to supporting the farm and paying a regular share of the costs involved in growing the produce. In return you will receive a weekly share of the harvest.


Payment is made in advance by monthly standing order. Some members choose to support the scheme by paying for longer periods such as six months to one year in advance.


Veg Share members pay a regular share of the costs, therefore it is not possible to take a holiday from paying when you go on holiday. On weeks when you are away we suggest that you offer your Veg Share to friends, or notify us if you cannot collect on a particular week.

Notice to leave

We ask members for a minimum of 2 months notice to leave the scheme. This gives us time to find a replacement member and therefore maintain a steady income. In some circumstances it may be possible to find a replacement member with less notice.